Sunday, March 24, 2013


'Sup? Hello to my new followers. Thanks for finding me.

I did this drawing of Jacqueline watching the fireworks and enjoying it.  She is a tiny chihuahua.

I also wanted to share the cutest thing you would ever see in your life. The critter cruiser. Its a good exerciser for hamsters and mice. I wish I had a mouse. Then I would buy it straight away. Mum said we already have too many wild ones running around. Squeak!

I found something that I can share next time. See ya.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pet of the Week

'Sup, welcome to my blog. This is my first post and this is the Pet of the Week. I would like to introduce 'Pearl'.

Name: Pearl
Hobby: Singing
Favourite colour: Pink
Personality: Nice
Friends: Crystal and Sam

Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back soon. See ya, Crystal Siamese Clear