Sunday, March 24, 2013


'Sup? Hello to my new followers. Thanks for finding me.

I did this drawing of Jacqueline watching the fireworks and enjoying it.  She is a tiny chihuahua.

I also wanted to share the cutest thing you would ever see in your life. The critter cruiser. Its a good exerciser for hamsters and mice. I wish I had a mouse. Then I would buy it straight away. Mum said we already have too many wild ones running around. Squeak!

I found something that I can share next time. See ya.


vintageandart said...

Hi India, thanks for introducing me to Jacqueline, she's very cute. The critter cruiser is awesome and reminds me a bit of lady penelope's car from the thunderbirds, l wonder if a mouse would enjoy riding in it or would it be scared out of its wits :-))

Kylie said...

That IS the cutest thing I've ever seen India, although I'm with your Mum on mice. Ewwwww! Those squeaky little things belong OUTside!

Happy Easter India x