Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pet of the Week

'Sup, welcome to my blog. This is my first post and this is the Pet of the Week. I would like to introduce 'Pearl'.

Name: Pearl
Hobby: Singing
Favourite colour: Pink
Personality: Nice
Friends: Crystal and Sam

Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back soon. See ya, Crystal Siamese Clear


vintageandart said...

Hello India and congrats on your first ever post. l feel very honoured to be your first ever commenter and second follower:-)) l think it's fantastic that you want to create and share your special talents with people'll be great to pop in here and learn lots about all the cool toys for when little kids come into my family, which hopefully won't be too far away...l think Pearl is adorable and love her fluffy is one of my favourite colours too. Can she really sing India cos cats usually have terrible singing voices..haha!! l also love the little wind up mouse you've added. Well l hope you have a lovely week.

Kimmie said...

She has a pretty name and she is my favorite colour! Welcome to the world of blogging India :-)